Abdioglu Mosque – Nevsehir

Abdioglu Mosque – Nevsehir

Abdioglu Mosque

Abdioglu Mosque is 15 km (9 mile) far to Nevsehir centurum. This mosque which is located in Ortahisar district is side by side Haci (Pilgrim) Mehmet Zade’s grave who had it built. The minaret with double balconies of Abdioglu Mosque integrating with Mount Erciyes and Ortahisar Castle presents you a spectacular richness which you cannot take your eyes off.

The minbar of the mosque which was originally a stone is covered with wood at the present day. The altar next to the minbar, however, is quite simple. Sakal-i Serif, the beard relic of Mohammed, which has been in the mosque for 175 years, is prot ected in an embroidered wooden box in an elevated place.


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