Afyon Turkey

Afyon Turkey

Afyon Turkey Cappadocia Tour

Afyon Area 14570 km2, a large part of the province of Afyon, called the western part of the Aegean Region is located in the interior. Shows the properties of the land to the east of the province of Central Anatolia. Is possible to see a very small piece remaining south-west Mediterranean characteristics. Afyon province, extending from north to south, West Anatolia and Central Anatolia Regions combining forms part of the southern high. This naturally connects with the location of an important center of Northwest Anatolia. Afyonkarahisar‘la central district, the 16th district, connected to the center 19 towns, 78 districts, 490 towns to be connected to a shtetl city center.

Afyonkarahisar, reflecting the culture and art of the archaeological remains of thousands of years of civilization, centuries-old structures, caves formed millions of years, thermal wealth and natural beauty, historic sites with eye-straining period of centuries from sweat and crafts, fairy chimneys, open-air temples and a kitchen with more potential for tourism in our region. Afyonkarahisar, for domestic and foreign tourists, “out of the sea” sought to many historical and natural beauties, is a tourist’s paradise. The opportunities created by modern tourism industry in our province.  In recent years, the Ministry of Tourism for tourism throughout the year to gain intensity, tourism diversification policy was implemented. Tourism is the most important varieties of “Thermal Baths” continue their activities throughout the year. Afyonkarahisar, Turkey numbered among the cities in terms of spas and spa. For this reason, in recent years turned to investments for individuals and companies and cooperatives thermal tourism.  Which will be tourism made ​​at the end of these investments will take her rightful place in  Afyonkarahisar. Hot Springs, Habitat structure rich in historical monuments, a variety of alternative tourism, such as cultural and religious tourism festivals and festivals with various tourism values ​​Afyonkarahisar, Is an intersection point on the western side, east to west, north to south is a door that connects the course.  Bu yüzden turizm potansiyeli yönüyle ülkemizin sayılı illeri arasındadır.

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