Agri Turkey

Agri Turkey

Agri Ishak Pasha Palace Turkey Travel

Ağrı city is surrounded by Karsand Iğdır at the north, Erzurumand Muşat the west, Bitlis and Van at south, and Iran border at east. Most of the territory of Ağrı is mountainous and undulate.The mountains of Ağrı strech in series. Rich, grassy plants cover the surface of the province. Grasses refresh at spring and extinct at fall because of the cold weather. Winters are cold whereas summers are dry and hot.

Ağrı , located on a 1650 meter high plateau, named after the majestic mountain that can be seen from the city centre. Mount Ararat is the highest point of whole Turkey and this mountain gives name to city Agri (Mt. Ararat refered Agri in Turkish language). Ağrı is a gateway of east where you can have an overall view of Türkiye from the highest point. Ağrı hosted various nations and civilisations throughout history. It is one of the important tourism centres of the east with suitable tracks of the legendary mountain for mountain climbing and trekking in summers, skiing in winters.

Winters are very long and gets a low of snowing one of the coldest place of Turkey which sometimes gets up to -45C in winter. City is one of the tourism center of eastern Anatolia because of it’s natural beauties

Hand made stuffs of the area such as carpet,rugs, kilims, and various type of stuffs made out of wheal and rye stems are quite popular.

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