Crimson (Egri Minare) Minaret – Aksaray

Crimson (Egri Minare) Minaret – Aksaray

Egri Crimson Minare

Crimson Minaret located in Aksaray . It is presumed that Egri Minaret belonging to the Seljukian  period was built between 1221-1236. It is also known as the Crimson Minaret because it was made of red bricks.

The Minaret is eye catching with its square based cylindrical body. The brick body has been split into two with a thin moulding. There are ninety two stairs in the minaret with a single balcony. This building, which has survived for nearly 770 years, possesses an interesting feature in terms of tourism with its inclination in the direction of. Despite the fact that the reason of the inclination of the minaret is not known, its maker is also obscure. The mosque located next to the minaret, however, got made by the Seljukian  Sultan Keyhusrev I.

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