Kırklareli Turkey

Kırklareli Turkey

Kirklareli Gar
Kirklareli - Turkey

Kirklareli – Turkey

Kırklareli located in North west part of Turkey and between Istanbul to Kırklareli  is 212 km. Kirklareli is a province on the border with Bulgaria, on the west side of the Yildiz (Istranca) Mountains. Its written history goes back to Bronze Age and the province has witnessed many invasions throughout this long past. Kirklareli is a province of natural beauty, adorned with forests and plateaus. Derekoy, Kofcaz, Demirkoy and Vize are the most densely forested areas of the province. The land is suitable for hunting and fishing, in its forests and rivers. The Istranca Mountains offer opportunities also for camping and picnicking in a sea of forest.

The sightseeing spots in Kirklareli are numerous. It is architecturally rich, especially with fine monuments from Ottoman times. Cedit Ali Pasa Mosque, Hizirbey Mosque, Kadi Mosque, Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Mosque and Beyazit Mosque, are several, in which you can observe different features of Turkish architecture. There is also a Turkish bath in the city, from 1683.

For those who would like to make use of sandy beaches and clear waters, Igneada, Kiyikoy and Kastros are good, and have accommodation facilities.

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