Olympos & Limyra

We drive to Finike via the ancient Lycian cities of Phaselis, Olympos and Limyra.Standing on a wooded promontory surrounded by three harbors, Phaselis is one of the most romantic sites in SouthernTurkey. However, there was nothing very romantic about its ancient inhabitants who were famous for their sharp, not to say unscruplulos, commercial instincts. For a time they even practiced piracy until the Romans lost their patience and put a stop to it. The site is traversed by a very grand paved Street bordered by step sand statue-bases. Arrayed around it are a theatre, three agoras, an aquaductand an extensive necropolis. Beyond Phaselis the road climbs into the mountains, before descenting dramatically to Olympos, which lies concealed in a narrow river valley opening on to one of the finest beaches in Turkey. The ruins are little hard to explore due to the dense under growth, but the setting is very lovely. We drive on through Kumluca to Limyra , one of the most unusual of the Lycian sites. The lower part of the city is criss crossed by streams that break from thefoot of the acropolis hill, and is divided into two walled enclosures. The one to the West contains the tall Cenotaph of Gaius Ceasar, The Emperor Augustus’s grand son and designated heir, who died here in 4 AD. The eastern enclosures there are numerous, splendid rock-hewn tombs of a kind that are unique to Lycia, and a remarkably well-preserved theatre.

*Prices are per person in 2 participants*


– Air conditioned luxury minivan with driver on tours

– Professional guiding on tours

– Lunches on tours

– All admission fees to the museums and sights

– Taxes


– International flight tickets

– Dinners

– Drinks during the lunches

– Not mandatory but customary tips


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