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Van Cat

Van located in east part of Turkey and between Erzurum to Van  is 415 km. Van city, with a great history that goes back up to 5000 B.C. Where the first settlement begins with Urartus 9.Th Century B.C. During that era, the name of the city was Biane Or Biaina where the area was ruled by the Medes, Persians, Parthians / Parthia,  Byzantines, Sasanid Empire, Seljuks, Karakoyunlu, Ak Koyunlu / Aq Qoyunlu , Turkmens, and Ottoman Empire. Those gave a great history, artifacts and many other pieces of arts / history and culture which makes the city quite rich in history and a harmony of culture.

The city was conquered by the Russians during the World War I. and was liberated in 1918, and turned into a city during the declaration of republication of Turkey.

The natural beauties, cultural and historical works / artifacts that covers plenty of food prints from many great civilizations, transportation resources, and regional traditions and customs it plays a great role on the tourism of Turkey and  is a great potential of tourist destinations.

Traditional Van Houses are a must see in order to get a better idea of the architecture structure of the city in a better way. The old Van City , stone streets, bazaars, Turkish Baths / Hamams, and with many other historical and architectural constructions makes the city one of the best example of the ancient architecture sample and displays a great architecture of the Ottoman Empire for those to visit, or to live.

Van , improving hunting with a great range of animals, and sportive fishing, mountaineering / mountain walking , hiking in Suphan Mountain, natural walking and outdoor sports are quite popular in the area.

Van Cat, and the Kilims of Van are only some of the values of this city which makes it a world wide famous hot spot, especially with the Cat of Van City, that has different eye colors on each (sometimes one blue, the other one green) and this takes attraction of tourist, and gets a lot of local and foreigner tourist in the location.

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