Zonguldak Turkey

Zonguldak Turkey

Zonguldak Turkey Tours
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Zonguldak located in north part of Turkey and between Istanbul to Zonguldak  is 331 km. The major center of coal production, Zonguldak has developed rapidly after coal had been found here. It is also an important port in the Black Sea.

Zonguldak has very beautiful beaches in Kopuz and Uzunkum, where you may choose one of the tea gardens or restaurants to watch the perfect scene around. If you

are a nature-lover photography then you will take plenty of photos. Eregli, 60 kms west of Zonguldak, is located on a hill where a Byzantine castle stands. Eregli has a mythological significance and it is said that near here at Kavakderesi Hercules caught the three-headed dog Cerberus and returned it to Hades, the god of underworld. Cerberus stayed the cave called “Cehennemagzi” (Entrance to Hell) which is located near Kavakderesi outside Eregli. It has fine beaches and is a haven for ships. When passing through do not forget to taste the delicious strawberries of Eregli which are among the best in the world.


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